CrossFit Sierra Nevada's Outstanding Members

Congratulations to these athletes who have reached their goals and made a positive impact within themselves and in the lives of others.


Friday, July 29, 2016 TODAY

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lilly 7:30am
Congratulations Melinda! for earning CrossFit Sierra Nevada's June Athlete of the month.
Hear why Melinda Moon loves CrossFit.
'Our perceived lack of physical or mental strength leaves doors wide open for failure or lapse of judgment. Crossfit is a humbling challenge that allows me to crush and demoralize those weaknesses on the regular - while also providing a welcome glimpse into how much I am already capable of. The dark, seedy, competitive demon inside of me definitely appreciates what crossfit offers.
Working out at CSN has been an outstanding beginning to my CF adventures. I leave everyday smiling, even if moments before, while running around the building in 350 degree heat, I start questioning every decision I've ever made. The physical strength I've gained at CSN is a mere facet of the many reasons I'll continue to show up and wreck myself daily.'

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Lilly 8:58am
Congratulations Lindsey Ragan for being CrossFit Sierra Nevada Athlete of the Month for April.  

Here is what Lindsey shared:

'I love how everyone, in every shape, size and age can do CrossFit. I still get discouraged sometimes, on things I cannot do. But then I look at the things I can do now, like toes to bar and double unders, and try to tell myself to keep going, because eventually I will get there. Lilly and Willie have been amazing at helping me push myself and not letting me give up. And trust me I have wanted to many times.  
I love CrossFit Sierra Nevada because it is like family. I have met some great people, some I know will be lifelong friends. I have brought my son with me to the gym since he was 3 months old. I could not have done that, without all the help everyone has given me with him. There are days he plays the entire time and days he wants nothing to do with it. Which has been the case lately. Yesterday I did my burpees in his play yard, and the day before I had to hold him during my lunges. I just have to make it work. I’m so thankful they let me bring him, or I wouldn't be able to go.
I like how Crossfit is different every day, I get bored very easily and you never know what you are walking into. This is my third time joining CrossFit, and this time, I'm staying for sure.'

Friday, April 15, 2016

Lilly 8:10am
Congratulations Tonia McDuffy, Crossfit Sierra Nevada’ March Athlete of the month.

Here is what Tonia shared.

“I have been doing CrossFit at CrossFit Sierra Nevada for almost 3 years. I started because my
sisters-in-law Kori and Tanya had been going and were loving it. I was really out of shape and
sick of myself and sick of my clothes not fitting and tired of feeling tired. Kori had lost weight
and was toning up and it was really apparent. She looked great. (Tanya looks great all the time
no matter what she does or doesn’t do. She’s one of those!!!) So I started going (and it was
hard) and haven’t looked back. I played roller derby for quite awhile and I loved how fun and
intense it was. I love CrossFit for the same reason. The workouts are usually fun and the
people are super. Everyone is such great help. I’m always getting pointers on my form and
how to do things better. I’m still learning; there are lots of challenges ahead for me. I was so
out of shape I did box jumps on a mat. Now I can jump 20”! It took me about a year before I
could do a double under, but I never stopped trying (I’ve done 32 in a row, but who’s counting?).
My list of things to improve on or even learn is long but I’m not going anywhere as long as CSN
is there. One thing I will end with, I just turned 50 and posted a photo of myself on my birthday
on the beach in Hawaii on Instagram. In a bikini.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Lilly 7:17am
Congratulations Scott Albright, February Crossfit Athlete of the Month.
I love CrossFit because it is challenging, fun and keeps me motivated. It also keeps me in shape for activities I enjoy outside of the gym like skiing, hiking and mountain biking and just about anything else physically demanding that life throws at you.
I started training at CrossFit Sierra Nevada back in 2007 when Willie first opened the gym. I was very out of shape at the time and could barely do 1 pull-up and couldn't run a mile. I had always been a fit athletic person and needed to get that back. I had known Willie since high school and he told me about this fitness program called CrossFit and he was opening a gym. I read up on it and watched some videos online and got inspired and wanted to look like a Spartan in the movie 300. It kicked my butt (it still does), but I stuck with it, changed my diet and lost 50lbs in about six months and got my first muscle up not long after.
I love CrossFit Sierra Nevada because our gym is awesome and I really enjoy the community, the coaches and all the great people I get to train with. We all help make each other better and I have made a lot of good friends here.